FINE was present at the annual congress held by the European Specialist Nurses Organization (ESNO), on Thursday, February 21st, 2019.

« The specialist nurse in European healthcare towards 2030 »

The conference brought up the topics of specialized nurses’ roles and skills, education and leadership, interdisciplinary work, primary care roles, and innovation. Nurse leaders representing national and international organizations were present too: Annette Kennedy (ICN), Alessandro Stievano (ENDA), Miguel Lardennois (CNO Belgium), Maria Loureiro (EORNA), Patrick Crombez (EONS), Adriano Friganovic (ESNO), etc.

ESNO promoted networking, which plays a key role in political leadership aiming for a coherent healthcare system ensuring accessible, safe, and qualitative patient-centered care. Partners highlighted the importance of collaboration, coordination, and quality of care. Several questions were asked, specifically concerning the training of specialized nurses in Europe and the need for common core skills related to specific titles, roles, and positions. Specialized nurses’ needs for regulation were also addressed.

ESNO has created an education committee. Wendy Preston presented its missions and activities for the next two years. The training of specialized nurses in Europe coincides with the FINE’s objectives.

FINE’s new executive committee is currently defining its lines of work for the next three-year mandate. As soon as this endeavor is formalized, information will be shared via the FINE website.

For the executive committee,


Cécile Dury, FINE President

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