Workgroup – 7th and 8th of  November 2022

Driving future developments in nursing education across Europe 
Current and future proof education: challenges and opportunities.  


    Hybrid workgroup (physical and online) :

    Location : 

    Nursing Department,  

    INTERNATIONAL HELLENIC UNIVERSITY,                                                                     

    57400 Sindos,  

    Thessaloniki, Greece 

    +30 2310 013 500

    Link to location website  

    Transportation :

    Possibilities of Erasmus+ Mobilities 

    Registration fee :

    • 100€ (Adherents FINE, FINE Bel-Lux) 

    • 130€ (Non-members) also including individual membership for one year    

    • 50€ for online attendance.

    Agenda :

    To be communicated later.

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