In 2020, FINE Europe reasserts its commitment to promoting excellence in nursing education and teaching skills. The organization reinforces its presence in the European region of the WHO, so as to meet the constantly evolving healthcare needs of our populations.

 In 2020, we will be celebrating the 200th birthday of Florence Nightingale. The WHO therefore dedicates this year to nurses and midwives. FINE Europe will take advantage of this steppingstone to promote education courses and attract new candidates. Indeed, the shortage forecasted for the upcoming years can be countered by the recognition of the scientific value of our programs, which should be at the foreground of society.

 With our New Year wishes also come an annual assessment and some thank yous. Two honorary presidents of FINE have been celebrated for their involvement in the field of healthcare. Jane-Laure Danan has been awarded the French Legion of Honor, and Arminda Costa is listed as one of the 40 women in Portugal who have contributed to the development of healthcare in their country.

 We thank them and congratulate them!

 The whole FINE team wishes you a wonderful year 2020!

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