“Spark Legal Network is currently conducting a study called “Mapping and assessment of developments for one of the sectoral professions under Directive 2005/36/EC – nurses responsible for general care.” The study was commissioned by the European Commission, DG GROW. In this context, we have invited stakeholders from all over Europe to discuss scientific progress and techniques that affect the practice of nurses, as well as knowledge, skills, and training subjects listed in the modified 2005/36/CE directive. »



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P. Ypma and M. Dominguez Gaitan

“The United Voice in Developping a Delegated Act that is Fit-For-Purpose” – Prof. Dr. P. De Raeve

C. Dury

“Impact of Scientific and Technical advancements on professional training of nurses in light of study results” – Dr. A.M. Ryan

A.K. Dahmen

“Scientific and technical advancements and their impact on knowledge and skills and training subjects for nurses responsible for general care” – Z. Balogh

“Scientific and technical advances that impact preparation of general practice nurses in Klaipeda University” – M. Trus, PhD

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