“Developping nursing student’s competencies in ethics”

April 30th, 2015

Roma, Italy

The workshop in Rome on the theme of “Developing nursing students’ competencies in ethics” was very successful. FINE warmly thanks the organizers, the speakers and the participants for their implication. The participants benefited from high-quality presentations.

 Helena Leino-Kilpi’s presentation on the theme of “Teaching and learning nursing ethics in 2015: state of art and best practice” is downloadable from this link.

 As a teacher in ethics, you can join the UNESCO IFT committee (International Forum of Teachers of Ethics, Bioethics and Medical Law). Its objectives are to promote the quality of teaching in ethics and bioethics, and to determine principles and approaches from the development of research, discussions and debates. If you wish to join this committee, you can send an application for membership and your CV to:

Your application will be examined by the president and the director, who will let you know if your application is retained.

 The participants in the workshop worked together, from the proposed theoretical elements, to answer the following questions:

  • Training students in ethics: why, what, how, who, challenges, what preparation for nurse educators?
  • How to measure the feasibility and acceptability of the proposed practices in nursing ethics education?
  • Do we need to identify the ethical competencies that a nurse educator needs to have? Yes, because, if so why? No, because, if so why?

The results of these discussions will be published soon.

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