Workgroup – 7th and 8th of  November 2022

Driving future developments in nursing education across Europe 
Current and future proof education: challenges and opportunities.  


    Hybrid workgroup (physical and online) :

    Agenda :

    The objective of this FINE workgroup is to explore the gap between theory and practice in nursing within a European Tertiary Educational context; and how this area could and should be improved. Moreover, our common experience as nurse educators suggests that the gap between theory and practice in nursing education is nowadays even more related to clinical settings, as European policies across contemporary health care systems warrant high quality of nursing care.

    In this sense FINE supports a more academic rationale for the clinical practice, and a research development of nurses.

    Clinical practice of good quality must be intrinsic related with the newest evidence and research conducted either by nurses and also with other health professionals in multidisciplinary teams.

    Specific Objectives: Nurse academics believe that bridging the gap between theory and practice cannot be accomplished by only changing the contemporary educational agenda and restructuring the theoretical content of the current curricula.

    Instead, such a change would require the inclusion of other fundamental key-partners such as clinicians, patient associations and nurse students too. Thus, cultivating positive attitudes through widely participatory actions is mandatory in order to ensure long-lasting effects and optimum educational outcomes.

    Leadership and collaboration are fundamental for an effective and strong link across a variety of learning and more complex environments.

    Monday 7th November 2022

      • 13h30 – 14h

    Welcome of participants

      • 14h00 – 14h15

    Opening of the meeting

    Cécile Dury, President FINE

      • 14h15 – 15h00

    Driving future developments in nursing education across Europe
    Current and future proof education: challenges and opportunities.

    Dr. Maria Filomena Mendes Gaspar, Vice President FINE

      • 15h – 15h15

    Studying in Greece : a student’s perspective.

    Paola Gkizari

      • 15h15-15h30

    Coffee Break

      • 15h30-17h

    FINE general assembly

    Current mandate :

     Cécile Dury, President

    Fintan Sheerin, General secretary

    Maria Filomena Mendes Gaspar, Vice-President

    Maria Cassar, Executive member

    Dimitris Theofanidis, Executive member

    Jean-Francois Jézégou, Treasurer

      • 17h-17h30

    Closing Cocktail

    The dinner event will be held at the Officers’ Club of Thessaloniki at the heart of the city, next to the White tower, the city’s symbol on Monday evening at 20:00.

    Cost : around 15 euros (everything included i.e. food and drinks), paid by the participant.


    Tuesday 8th November 2022

      • 8h30

    Welcome and registration

    9h00 – 09h15

    Opening session

    Cecile Dury

      • 9h15 – 10h00

    Reflection and Action: Ideating a Future for Nursing Education

    Dr. Fintan Sheerin, PhD

    Head of the School of Nursing & Midwifery, Trinity College Dublin, Ireland….

      • 10h00 – 10h45

    Primacy of clinical teaching in bridging the theory practice gap

    Dr. Herdís Sveinsdóttir

    Former Dean and professor at the Faculty of Nursing, University of Iceland

      • 10h45 – 11h15

    Coffee Break

      • 11h15 – 12h00

    Reflective Learning in Nursing

    Dr. Stefanos Mantzoukas (RN, PhD, FEANS)

    Associate Professor in Qualitative Research & Reflective Based Nursing Praxis

    Director of Research Lab. Integrated Care, Health & Well-being

      • 12h00 – 12h30


      • 12h30 -14h


      • 14h-14h15

    Workgroup opening session

      • 14h15-16h00

    Workgroup FINE

    Methodology: collective intelligence device, World Café

    Animators : FINE advisory members

      • 16h00-16h30

    Plenary presentation : presentation of the results

      • 17h00

    Closing comment

    Contact Persons :

    Dimitrios Theofanidis

    00 30 6945227796

    Cécile Dury

    00 32 (0)498144979

    Organizing Committee :

    Professor Nickolaos Bakalis  
    Head of Nursing Department, University of Patras  
    Mary Gouva  
    Professor of Patient’s Psychology, Head of Nursing Department, University of Ioannina  
    Professor Georgia Fasoi  
    Head of the Department of Nursing, University of West Attica, Athens, Greece  
    Director of Post Graduate Programme “Community and Public Health Nursing”  
    Christos Kleisiaris  
    Associate Professor of Home-based Nursing Care,
    Hellenic Mediterranean University,  
    Chair of the Nursing Department
    Institute of Agri-Food and Life Sciences, University Research Centre  
    Eugenia Minasidu RN, MSc, PhD  
    Chair, Associate Professor,  Faculty of Nursing    
    International Hellenic University  
    Professor Pavlos Myrianthefs

    Chair, Department of Nursing, National & Kapodistrian University of Athens
    Director ICU at Agioi Anargyroi Hospital of Kifissia, Athens, Greece  
    Ioanna V. Papathanasiou  
    Associate Professor, Head of Nursing Department, University of Thessaly  
    Dr Stefanos Mantzoukas  
    Associate Professor in Nursing  
    Director of Research Lab. Integrated Care, Health & Well-being  
    Department of Nursing, School of Health Sciences  
    University of Ioannina  
    4th kilometer National Highway Str. Ioannina-Athens  
    Tziaferi Styliani RN, MSc, PhD,MEANS  
    National Secretary for ICOH  
    Chair of Nursing Dep. of UOP  
    Associate Professor in Community & Occupational Health Nursing (COHN)  
    University of Peloponnese  
    Faculty of Health Science, Dep. of Nursing  

    Location : 

    Nursing Department,  

    INTERNATIONAL HELLENIC UNIVERSITY,                                                                     

    57400 Sindos,  

    Thessaloniki, Greece 

    +30 2310 013 500

    Location detailed information

    Transportation :

    Possibilities of Erasmus+ Mobilities 

    Registration fee :

    • 100€ (Adherents FINE, FINE Bel-Lux) 

    • 130€ (Non-members) also including individual membership for one year    

    • 50€ for online attendance.


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