Our strategic plan in 5 orientations

  1. Promote excellence in nursing sciences education by properly preparing educators and giving them access to vocational training.
  • Consolidate the place of nursing education in the European higher education system and in European universities in accordance with the Bologna Process (bachelor’s, master’s, and doctorate degrees in nursing sciences).
  • Defend the position of nursing studies as a scientific discipline.
  • Understand, anticipate, and meet the needs and expectations of our members, as well as support them to develop their expertise in nursing studies.
  1. Promote the added value and image of nursing studies in Europe: 
  • Work towards a European consensus on the added value of nurses, in order to achieve more fairness and efficiency in nursing programs, and thus better meet current and future needs of populations in terms of healthcare.
  • Work towards the recognition and acceptance of the image of nurses in every culture and every context.
  1. Defend the interests of students and educators in nursing sciences, at every level:
  • Listen to students’ and educators’ voices in the European region and create opportunities for communication and exchanges.
  • Collaborate with students and professional organizations in nursing sciences that share this objective. 
  1. Influence the elaboration of policies related to nursing studies at a European level:
  • Engage in political actions at a national, European, and international level
  • Collaborate with EU organizations in the development and review of sectoral policies (capacities / skills / competency / qualifications in nursing)
  • Collaborate with the WHO office in Europe to promote excellence in the quality and governance of nursing studies in the region
  • At a national level and at the request of our members, support the political actions that they lead with their local authorities, including Ministries of Health and Higher Education, to develop the instruction and practice of nursing sciences.
  1. Set up effective leadership and management within the federation to maximize its chances of success.
  • Actively support the commitment of its council, committees, and members in various projects and training possibilities that can improve FINE’s leadership and management in the field of nursing studies.
  • Encourage and support its members’ participation in transnational projects, and design projects that could benefit nursing education. External funding will only be accepted through open and transparent processes.




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